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Latest Version:

05-Sep-06 - v3.3.7

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  • This release contains several minor bug fixes since v3.3.6, an improved installer, and updated ADODB and Smarty packages.

03-Dec-05 - v3.3.6

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  • This release contains several bug fixes since v3.3.5.

03-Sep-05 - v3.3.5

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  • This release contains a configuration file for all phpGACL related settings and several bug fixes. Upgraded Smarty, and ADODB.

08-Dec-04 - v3.3.4

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  • Many bug fixes and speed optimizations. API improvements. API guide added, documentation improved, and a Star Wars Millennium Falcon tutorial included. Upgraded Cache_Lite, Smarty, and ADODB.


A PHP class offering Web developers a simple, yet immensely powerful "drop in" permission system to their current Web based applications.



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